Friday, October 31, 2014

Featured writer in We came together

Kenneth Coleman resides in Illinois and is a college student who has an appreciation for the arts. He is highly involved in spoken word, and acting. 

He is a featured writer in the book We Came Together. 

Here is a snippet from one of his poems:

Now she's here in my aunt's house  
Giving herself up to me like I'm her spouse 
On top of me, she's grinding-
Making me harder and harder
What's rising is becoming her stripper pole
That she's stripping on
Dripping her juices on
Riding like professional horseback 
I slapped her ass and squeezed it tightly
I was potent feeling mighty
We were sweaty, sticky and slimy 
Our souls sang ecstasy
Her legs began to tremble
I started to suck on her nipples
Harder and harder