Friday, October 31, 2014

The idea, the conception... We came together

WE CAME TOGETHER, this book project began in July and was wrapped up by September. 

It's a collection of erotic poetry from several different writers ranging from the United States and Africa. 

WE CAME TOGETHER, is truly the perfect title for this book. This book has a double meaning. We literally came together through social media and emails to finalize this work. 

This idea was brought up by myself to my cousin William Davis Jr. (Endlesswill) who also has a great love for poetry and anything that has to do with it. 

After numerous conversations and encouragement from others it was time to stop talking about it and just do it. 

I will be honest, I was nervous. Usually when you try to do something big it does not work out. 

I figured I would get people interested in this venture but I figured I would get some people that only talked and never took action. I was right on that, I had several people that wanted to be a part of this movement but when it came time to deliver they weren't ready. 

I knew my cousin was down for the cause. I just had to find several other like minded people that took it seriously and could meet the deadlines. 

And I did.... I met Melanie Gaines, Kenneth Coleman, Terrence Lyles, April Malone, Brenton James, and Acagh Geoffrey. 

They have consistently asked questions, gave ideas, offered more writings for the book, met deadlines, and encouraged each other. 

It's been nice having people that have the vision you have, or enjoy your vision enough to help you make it a reality while completing their dreams as well. 

I am so appreciative of everyone for making this an enjoyable time while completing this book. 

The book will be available by Mid-November for purchase. You can also follow the blog for updates, or Poetlife page on Facebook. The Poetlife page will have snippets of poems that are in the book until the day it comes out. 

All snippets will be posted by 8pm each night. 
Here is the Poetlife page link:


-Patrice Ingram