Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I want to experience a love that is epic
A love that most people dream about
I want my first and my last thought to be of you 
I want your happiness to equal mine
I want us both to push each other into fulfilling our goals
I want someone that can give me advice, tell me when I'm wrong but most of all tell me how to make it right
I want a love that can withstand any third parties that try to enter this affair
That can fight any struggle, without giving in to outside influences
A love that is full of promises that are kept, trust and both needs are met 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meet Mistah Parker... Fingertip Foreplay

Mistah Parker is new to the Poetlife family, but no stranger to poetry. His words will have you craving more wordplay. Get to know him a little deeper until you can read his poetry later this month.

Q. When did you began writing?/Why did you begin to write?

A. I began to writing to cope with life, I suffered a loss early in life being surrounded by gangs and drugs in my community and home. At first I drew pictures but got in trouble for drawing in elementary school during class, so I wrote stories. Then I was introduced to hip hop, so I wrote rhymes but I liked what I wrote better without music. Later in life I deemed it poetry.

Q. Who inspires you/What inspires you?

A. Youth, Youthful energy and Resilience.  Critical thought and action provokes me, breaking barriers and accomplishing goals, and modeling for the "next gen" pushes me to hard and community-inner (my children) and outer (my social circle and others I affect)

Q. Any charities or organizations you are affiliated with?

A. Steering Committee for Youth Workers Alliance
    Founder/ facilitator- Write & Wine Nite founding member
   Boston Youth Got Talent Showcase facilitator
   Cleveland Community Center Youth Lounge Open Mic Organizer,
   Critical Breakdown

Q. What is your favorite poem or author?

A. " Do not go gentle into that good night" - Dylan Thomas

Q. Where can your followers find you?

A. -
    - instagram: @mistahpoet
    -   ( my older works)

Q. What spoken word events are you doing in the future?

A. Black Poetry Cafe's Poetry Fest 2015

"...Poetry Saved My Life..."


Radio Show reviews are in...FINGERTIP FOREPLAY is a hit among the viewers...

Here are some comments from everyone listening to the poetry that was featured on tonight's show. 

Meet Brenton James.(JamesPoet) Fingertip Foreplay

Brenton, is a returning poet in the Poetlife family. If you purchased We Came Together then you had the pleasure of reading his work. Ladies, he is back and his work is just as enticing as before. 

Q. Why did you began writing?

A. I started writing in middle school, I was picked on and needed an outlet. I started going to poetry cafes in Chapel Hill, and I fell in love.

Q. Who inspires you/What inspires you?

A. My family, and my friends inspire me. My passion to write because everything you write has a story, or I would  say a beginning!!

Q. Are you affiliated with any charities or organizations?

A. I am not at the moment

Q. What is your favorite poem or author?

A. Langston Hughes & Crystal Stair

Q. Where can your followers find you?

A. Twitter: @thereal_brentonjames & @Brenton_James01

Q. What spoken word events are you planning on doing in the future?

A. Besides the book release party for Fingertip Foreplay, I have nothing else planned at the moment.

Q. Any relevant info you would like to add?

A . I am actually thinking about doing a few of my own projects, mainly novels. I have been toying with the idea of doing something in the line of my own take on "50 Shades of Grey" theme novel, not sure.

Meet Kendra, from the Fingertip Foreplay book

Kendra is one of the many new poets to the Poetlife family. Get to know her by her words as told to me..

"It's hard to say when I began writing. It feels like it's always been a natural ability to me. I've written to ease my pain or express my intense teenage emotions in high school, so lets say it began there. No particular person inspired me, though I did a lot of reading. I loved reading, it made me wish that I could come up with stories like that. My favorite author is Dean Koontz. Horror novels were so great to me, my favorite book of all time is Black Beauty and I don't care that its a child's book. It taught me to be a better person and gave me a deep sense of empathy towards some of God's most helpless creatures. 

I have not done any spoken word or open mic night. The poems I have written for Fingertip Foreplay are my first actual attempts at poetry. I may be brave enough to read them to an audience Wednesday on the radio. 

There isn't much to know about me - yet! I am just getting started. There will be a variety of blogs in my future, and that will hopefully lead to more written works. I figure as long as I aspire for it, it will become my reality. "

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Radio show..

Tomorrow night is the night!! You'll be able to hear some new sizzling poetry from the book Fingertip Foreplay. 

Are you ready? 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet Patrice Ingram, featured writer of Fingertip Foreplay

Now you get to read about me...

I began writing poetry when I was in the sixth grade, that's when I became aware that I enjoyed writing. I had a lot going on in my life as a child and writing helped me get through it. 

Most of my youth and teen years I would journal, and write but never share what I wrote. It was very rare that I would share my writing. I was a little insecure and worried that others wouldn't like my writing, I'm a sensitive person so I didn't want to have to deal with critique. Times have changed! I enjoy feedback and I like to post my poetry and read it/share with others. 

I would have to say that other writers in general inspire me. I enjoy reading their work, because I feel like I grow just from reading it and it makes me want to improve my craft even more or get deeper with my writing. If I had to choose a poet I personally know that make me want to get deeper with my wordplay I would have to say it would be my cousin Endlesswill Davis. He may not know it but he pushes me without even trying. I also admire his confidence and overall presentation of his poetry. 

I am not apart of any chairities or organizations, however I do participate in a walk for Mental Health in May. This will be my second year doing the walk. My goal is to complete four walks a year. I would love to be able to do something with the cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's fundraisers. I have been affected by each of those. 

I have yet to perform any of my pieces at a spoken word or open mic event. That is on my bucket list ☺️. I enjoy writing it so much performing it hasn't been that big of a deal to me. 

You can follow me at:

Poetlife Page:

Twitter: pningram

Instagram: Unfiltered_Honesty

Pinterest: Patrice Ingram

And of course the blog/Google+

My future projects include my first solo project, a book of poetry called Emotional Rollercoaster : Reflective pieces, Love, Lies & Secrets (a novel), Corrupted (a novel), and the next installment of the erotic series Ink Intimacy. 

I currently have way too many favorite poems to mention just one person. I do enjoy everything I've read in the erotic series, and the greats like Maya Angelou. 

Well I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me before you read the book.. If you would like to see what my erotic style is like check out We Came Together.. Available for sale online

Fingertip Foreplay writers on the radio!!

If you want a sneak peek of what to expect in Fingertip Foreplay.. You should tune in to WKPJB Radio on Wednesday April 15, 8:30 pm. The show is going to be talking about Fingertip Foreplay and some of the poets will be reciting their work for you! Hear it there first!

The show is hosted by: Chamber 7 & BluPhunk. 

       Patrice Ingram

                                                      Terrence Lyles

                 Lyrical Princess
                                                   Poetically Speaking
                        James Poet

                    Mistah Parker

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meet Terrence Lyles AKA A-non-Y-M-I-Tee, featured in Fingertip Foreplay

Introducing poet Terrence Lyles AKA A-non-Y-M-I-Tee

He is a returning poet from the first book We Came Together, he comes even harder in this book. If you enjoyed his work previously, you will not be disappointed! Get to know him further in this get to know the poet section.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I started writing when I was rather young, I remember my first love, I think I was 14 or 15 and poetry seemed to be more intimate than just saying I love you, or I care about you. I found myself deeply, but that I had a talent for expression through poetry which allowed me to release creatively in a manner that triggered an emotional response and conveyed what it was I was truly trying to relay.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. After taking a hiatus from writing for many years, I attended a spoken word event that featured an artist by the name of Elliot Axiom and S.L.A.P. (Sumthyng Like a Poet) that changed my life and reintroduced me to the artist I buried within. Since then, there has been many artists who influence me (not just spoken word, but all genres of song), however I am appreciative for those whom I consider family within my circle who tend to challenge me to raise the level of my pen whenever I write, if that makes sense.

Q. What is your blog info or website info?

A. My Facebook is under my government name Terrence Lyles (Anonymitee), Reverbernation (search under Anon-Y-M-I-Tee), I will have more media information available so follow the Facebook page.

Q. Where do you currently perform your work at?

A. Typically in the Raleigh area you can catch me on any given Wednesday hitting the open mic at City Soul Cafe hosted by Dasan Ahanu and Church Da Poet. However, I perform in various states up and down the east coast periodically.

Q. Any current charity work?

A. I ride with Rollin' Smoke Motorcycle Club which is committed to making differences within the community and supporting likewise organizations across the country.

Q. Any community work that you are currently apart of?

A. I have been coaching with the Pop Warner youth football organization for the past five years teaching the fundamentals of football while incorporating life skills as part of the program ( most recently with the Garner Trojan Midget team). I have a BS in science (psychology) currently pursuing two Masters degree with ambitions of providing services towards improving the quality of life for impoverished urban youth through a non-profit which I am currently writing grant proposals for funding. (stay tuned)

Q. What is your favorite poem?

A. So many to choose from.. but I'm honored to acknowledge a poem by my poetry brother Kit "Shye" Marlowe entitled "Venting". The description of metaphors, the use of his wordplay, and the emotional release I get whenever I hear this poem leaves me in awe every time! Shye, you are a beast Poet!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet B, poet in Fingertip Foreplay

B currently resides in North Carolina, he is currently one of many hailing from that state in the Poetlife Project family. He has been a breathe of fresh air, and remarkable talent!! He is making his debut in the Fingertip Foreplay book due out this month.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I've been a writer since I was a young boy. I can remember writing stories and getting penmanship awards in elementary school. For me, at a young age I became fascinated by what I could do with a pen. I extremely liked the way my writing looked and how pretty I could make the letters and in different ways. I even now still do a lot of my creative writing by hand. Of course I use some electronic device as a tool to express my thoughts. I never get too comfortable with it because my mind yearns to be expressed with a pen and paper. I've found my writing to be more organic, expressive, real, abandon, and cinematic in style but really when I write manually. I started writing because my mind has always been very creative and imaginative. I love to use words properly and words that broaden my vocabulary. I love to paint pictures with words and use grave detail to express something I see in my mind to my reader. My writing can be very complex at times because I write on my level and I'm very unique in the way that I promote my ideals and philosophy. This project came at a time when I was struggling with writers block and desperately wanted to express myself through writing. This genre of literature is new to me and I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to become an actor and do something different. I love to write because it allows me to push people's mentality.

Q. Who inspires you/ What inspires you?

A. I am truly inspired by writers like J. K. Rowling, Steven King, and poems by Edgar Allen Poe. I read their books and imagined being like them when I grew up; an author and awarded writer. I remember my teachers in the third or fourth grade telling my mother how advanced I was and that I had talent. They encouraged me to excel and complimented my writing. For the longest time I've known I could write well because I fell in love with editing and using correct grammar, English was my favorite subject in school. All of these experiences drive my writing.

Q. Do you have a blog, website etc?

A. is my official blog and website that I use to express myself. It's fairly new and I plan on growing it to great extent in the near future. I post my writing, thoughts, pictures, and more with my acumen of the creative aspects of the world around me. I can also be found on Facebook via my profile Bentley Barter.

Q. Any spoken word performances in the near future?
A. I have yet to perform at a live spoken word event. This is a new venture for me and I'm planning to jump out there soon.

Q. Are you affiliated with any charities or organizations in the community?

A. I am not affiliated with any charities at the moment. I am creating a relationship with a local non profit organization in my city, Durham. The organization  is SEEDS. It is an organization dedicated to teaching stewardship of the Earth, sustainability via organic farming and community living. These are all core values I promote within my own endeavors and wish to use my works to grow their efforts and beyond.

Q. What are you hoping to accomplish in the future?

A. I plan to create my own radio show platform within the next 90 days via an online media connection as well as curate my own night of poetry and spoken word.

Meet the Lyrical Princess- Fingertip Foreplay

The Lyrical Princess, (Melanie Gaines)

Lyrical Princess is a returning writer in the Poetlife Project family. She is a featured writer in the book We Came Together, and is returning for Fingertip Foreplay.

Lyrical Princess began writing when she was 8 or 9 years old when her mother purchased her first diary. Her passion for writing begin and she started writing poetry and short stories as a way to express her feelings because she was too shy. Her  mom inspired her  to begin writing and has always been her supporter from day one. The Lyrical Princess currently performs for churches, and many spoken word events. She is currently working on her website which should debut by the end of the month.

Her favorite poem is I've missed you.

Catch her sizzling hot work in the book Fingertip Foreplay. If you have not been introduced to her writing style as of late, you can purchase your copy of We Came Together on amazon, barnes&noble, and various other book sites. You can get a sneak peek of what's to come in FF.

Meet Javon- Fingertip Foreplay

Javon is a writer out of Texas, get to know him through his words told to me.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I started writing because my youth minister told me to. I really didn't want to at first. I kept writing because I feel, when done creatively, writing is the best way to get  people to understand and retain life lessons. That is how I feel about all art forms but writing is the only one that uses me.

Q. Who inspires you/ What inspires you?

A. My biggest influence as a speaker and motivator would be my youth minister at Faith Community Church in N.C.  As a realist, I'd have to say my mother is the biggest influence on my blatant honesty. As a fan of wordplay, I believe my cousin played the biggest role as we freestyled and wrote rhymes that didn't just rhyme, but made you think.

Q. Where can people follow you?

A.  IG/Twitter: JavonTheBardic
SnapChat: FloeticGenius

Q. Where have you performed?

A. I've performed in DC, NC, Tenn, & Texas. As of now, I'm most likely to be found at Heroes Lounge in Dallas, Texas every Friday.

Q. Do you belong to any organizations or do charity work?

A. Along with fellow poets and co-workers, I take part in "freelance" charity. This simply means that instead of going through an organization, we gather supplies ourselves ( blankets, water, cleaning products etc) and hand them out on an individual basis as we travel through downtown Dallas.

Q. Do you host any spoken word events at the moment?

A. I do not host at the moment, but you can find me at Heroes.

Q. What is your favorite poem?

A. Seduction by Nikki Giovanni

You can read all his work in the new book Fingertip Foreplay that is due out later this month...