Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meet Terrence Lyles AKA A-non-Y-M-I-Tee, featured in Fingertip Foreplay

Introducing poet Terrence Lyles AKA A-non-Y-M-I-Tee

He is a returning poet from the first book We Came Together, he comes even harder in this book. If you enjoyed his work previously, you will not be disappointed! Get to know him further in this get to know the poet section.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I started writing when I was rather young, I remember my first love, I think I was 14 or 15 and poetry seemed to be more intimate than just saying I love you, or I care about you. I found myself deeply, but that I had a talent for expression through poetry which allowed me to release creatively in a manner that triggered an emotional response and conveyed what it was I was truly trying to relay.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. After taking a hiatus from writing for many years, I attended a spoken word event that featured an artist by the name of Elliot Axiom and S.L.A.P. (Sumthyng Like a Poet) that changed my life and reintroduced me to the artist I buried within. Since then, there has been many artists who influence me (not just spoken word, but all genres of song), however I am appreciative for those whom I consider family within my circle who tend to challenge me to raise the level of my pen whenever I write, if that makes sense.

Q. What is your blog info or website info?

A. My Facebook is under my government name Terrence Lyles (Anonymitee), Reverbernation (search under Anon-Y-M-I-Tee), I will have more media information available so follow the Facebook page.

Q. Where do you currently perform your work at?

A. Typically in the Raleigh area you can catch me on any given Wednesday hitting the open mic at City Soul Cafe hosted by Dasan Ahanu and Church Da Poet. However, I perform in various states up and down the east coast periodically.

Q. Any current charity work?

A. I ride with Rollin' Smoke Motorcycle Club which is committed to making differences within the community and supporting likewise organizations across the country.

Q. Any community work that you are currently apart of?

A. I have been coaching with the Pop Warner youth football organization for the past five years teaching the fundamentals of football while incorporating life skills as part of the program ( most recently with the Garner Trojan Midget team). I have a BS in science (psychology) currently pursuing two Masters degree with ambitions of providing services towards improving the quality of life for impoverished urban youth through a non-profit which I am currently writing grant proposals for funding. (stay tuned)

Q. What is your favorite poem?

A. So many to choose from.. but I'm honored to acknowledge a poem by my poetry brother Kit "Shye" Marlowe entitled "Venting". The description of metaphors, the use of his wordplay, and the emotional release I get whenever I hear this poem leaves me in awe every time! Shye, you are a beast Poet!