Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When it isn't enough

When love just isn't enough.. 
When your sad, and you try to deny the reason behind your sadness
When your frustrated for what appears to be no reason
When your feelings and mind are playing tug of war
One side saying stay and love some more, when the other is telling you to leave and never return
When you love someone so much, but you know they don't deserve you
When provoked you don't react anymore because your all cried out, all tired from repeating and screaming
When hearing "I love you" and his kisses don't mean you feel like they used to
His future apologies never will
When you started out supporting your man, and going above and beyond to assist him in anyway.. 
But now all the giving in you has been extinguished
When you have tried to overlook the things, that you know aren't right 
Because your heart is all wrapped up in his life..
When love just isn't enough anymore..