Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland
Don't you dare turn your back on the innocent that these cops continue to take from us
Her life was not lived in vain
Each moment she treasured
She was given an opportunity to better herself
Instead it would take her on a journey that would end up being her last days on this earth 
She was told she would be lit up 
And that she was under arrest 
No reason was given
All she was given was unnecessary duress 
3 days later, a fable was told
Her life was gone
Questions unanswered 
And in Illinois a family mourned
Sandra Bland
We must continue to say her name 
So that she isn't forgotten
That her memory lives on 
That we aid in the fight alongside her family in the hopes that the truth comes out
and that she is awarded justice
So I ask you to say her name
Sandra Bland