Sunday, January 11, 2015


Empty and broken
Love and hate swirl within my heart
I feel disgusted
That I should feel this way
Love made me smile, but it also made me cry
Disappointed with yet another blow to this organ that has taken such abuse
How much can a person take
Before giving up and throwing in the proverbial towel
I said these three words "I give up"
I refuse to keep trying to make something flourish, when it was dying right before my eyes
My heart contracts and constrict
With so much promise of life
But yet I'm broken
No longer wanting to believe in love for what seems like the millionth time
I told myself I would never cry
Or to give someone such power over my emotions
But it turns out I just lied to myself
For I shed tear after tear
Soaking my pillow case
No comfort for the fears that have come true
This dream of you and me has been shattered
Not sure if the pieces can be mended
I don't have it in me to attempt to fix what's broken
Sometimes it's just best to let it be
I love you but at the same time I dislike you for what you have said
The actions you have taken
And  for making this once beating heart, slow down and take count of how you sliced through all the happiness that I used to hold so dear
Now I can just walk away and be content knowing that I've always tried and I've done my part
But realizing full well its never good enough
So why do you care if I even stay?
Conversation after conversation, but no resolution
This relationship has come full circle
There is nothing left in me