Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thug life: The new American Dream

Here's a new poem I just penned.. Please leave feedback.

Thug life: the new American Dream

Is thug life the new American Dream
Is it cool to walk the down the streets and brag about how many dead bodies you've seen
Or how many souls have fell from the touch of your hands
How could you want to play God when that wasn't the life that was given to you?
Your role models are depicted as rich and classy but classy people don't act trashy and twerk on stage at concerts and runaround like groupies
Role models uplift you and empower you
Give you hope and breathe life within
But your still stuck on living this new American dream so you can quote yourself as being "ABOUT THAT LIFE" when you have no real idea of what that means
You want to commit crimes just because you have the balls to fall through
But there are so many people that don't have a choice and this is how they survive-- doing what they must do
Not because they want to rob, steal and kill but this is truly about survival
Have you been put into their place
Have you not had food on your table?
You sell crack and whatever drugs you can
But your killing someone's family
Now this child has no place to call home
She's put into the system
Where shit gets real
And she's the product of a child growing up with someone that touches her innocence
So this problem continues to exist
Because she's embarrassed that it went down
And instead of getting help she seeks out the next victim
This cycle keeps getting repeated
Because your still living this thug life
Your actions trickle downward
Touching so many people
The thug life has you so confused
That half the time you have no idea what the beef is really about
Your just busting caps in some young man's ass
Not knowing his story, but one day you'll hear about it on the first 48
Still not giving a damn because..
You just know that your about that life and by any means necessary YOU WILL MAKE IT RIGHT
No regard to how you get it
Because your living selfish
You try to convince others that your way of living makes sense and is ok
But your lying to yourself because if it's all true of what you speak
You wouldn't have to convince the next