Sunday, January 11, 2015

My sisters of every race

My sisters of every race 
Have you lost yourselves so much 
That to be respected by men 
You must put up with being subjected 
And treated like possessions
Losing your identity for what you call happiness
Taking selfies and posting them online literally nude, is what you deem happy
Reading the comments and hearing what this man will do to you
Does that really make you feel good inside
Or would you want a man that will wipe away the tears you shed
Have you forgotten what it's like before the social media, and selfie pics came along
Did you ever have an ounce of self worth
Or did you just get in where you fit in
And thought it was your new home
How can we correct this epidemic
That doesn't appear to be slowing down
Is this what the generations of tomorrow will look up to
Women bending their ass over, twerking, taking suggestive photos 
Where have we went wrong? 
How can you let society tell you what your worth