Friday, May 2, 2014

I wrote this based on how I think a woman would feel if her ife was turned upside down, just for giving in to her internal desires.

I hope you enjoy, leave comments if you like.

"Why me"

Unnatural feelings of hatred
Placed at the hands of the men
That have lied and decieved

Bitter words spoken profusely
How could this man give me a disease?
The man I love who I thought was faithful to me

Disbelief and confusion wrack my brain
While my tainted heart tries to heal
The tears spill down my face
My emotions flicker across my face

I am so sad but yet so angry
I trusted him completely
While he made a fool out of me

How can I move on
When I feel so broken
My mind flutters to the memories
Of the times we talked about the future

Now there is no hope for the future
No such thing after this
 Repercussions will follow

I have no control over the things that I am thinking
I want revenge with the quickness
All I can think about is retribution

He took so much from me
I can not get it back
I was faithful and monogamous
 I didn't ask for this

 I practiced safe sex
And still I wonder how did I end up like this