Wednesday, May 21, 2014

She chose too late

She opened her legs too quick
Not fully knowing what she got herself into
She fell too deep
Fell for those man charms
Fell for his lies
His broken promises
She took a huge chance on love
Only for her first time to be a mistake
She fell for his apologizes his baby I love you
She fell repeatedly
Trapped by this man
Under his watchful command
She withered and withered
No longer the young woman she was growing into
All because she fell for the wrong one
Having to understand real soon that this is not a game
She chose to late to choose
To choose which way her life was going
Now she stares at this ring on her finger
That this abusive man has given her
Knowing that this piece of jewelry comes with expected implications
Sex when he wants
Even if she is in the middle of bleeding
No say in what she wears, it's so bad there is no opinion on what she watches on tv
Totally dependent on him
He's the sole breadwinner
Her family has tried to reach her
Now it's just too late
Her parents died in a car accident
He wouldn't let her grieve for them
He's taken over her whole life, existence and being
She has many regrets
But none are worse than what she said to her parents when she was still naive
She sits in this house day in and day out
Praying for someone to help her find a way out
She's given up on God, turned her back on Jesus
In her mind she waited to late to be forgiven
She walks on egg shells
Waiting to be cussed out or hit
All the while thinking
I was never destined for this
She grows old and weary
 unfortunately complacent in this chaos
This is all she's ever known
It's beyond to late to leave him