Thursday, May 1, 2014


How does love make you feel? Does it make you feel all tingly inside, hot with desire or is it so frustrating that you could scream?

We all have different experiences in every relationship. Some good and some bad, some last and some don't.

We have all experienced the highs and lows of love, that made me question is it truly a friend or foe.



Are you a friend or foe?
You can be pure and simplistic
With minimal demands
Grand and full of illusions
It takes awhile to know the real truth
Damaging and constantly inflicting pain
Your a double edged sword of the worst kind
So much emphasis on those three words
It will consume your every being
It will make you confused
Stumbling and talking incoherently
This thing we call love
Mixed emotions
Jumbled thoughts
You might appear as if you have a disease
Infected with this incurable delirious mind bending illness
Heart palpitations, butterflies a fluttering
Questioning your self
Looking for reassurance with in one self
Love makes you blind
It will distract you every time
Love is the ultimate altered state of mind
Not realizing or just not seeing
The damages that are being done
You giggle uncontrollably like an adolescent
Whenever your significant other is around
Your all smiles
With no defected mood in sight
Your body goes into a frenzy
When they recite those magical words
Spellbound and paralyzed
You think he's the one
The reality hits you sometime later
Making you realize your heart failed you
Feeling betrayed by your heart and mind
Ready to forgive and continue on
But the betrayal is very strong
Broken heart, tears and depression wrack your body
You silently vow to never love another
Only this vicious cycle repeats on and on
This thing called love
Is it a friend or foe