Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I never saw it coming

Once special in my world
I confided in you and thought the world of you
Memories passed between us like notes passed between teens
Secrets, ambition, and personal success
You knew all of it
I considered you my friend
You were much more than that
You were a blood relative and not the distant sort
You made me feel like I had an older brother
You always showed your support
In relationships, poetry, and even in my anger
I thought it was only right that we work together
Working together to create something dynamic
Something beautiful in this twisted planet
We fed off each other's energy
I always felt like I was on auto pilot
But you were always there next to me
We had dreams of building an empire and making names for ourselves in this writing game
Both styles so erratic and filled with mystique
Half the time I thought it was just a dream, but you always seemed to know the ending
See you understood me even when I didn't know what I meant
You helped clarify, made me dig deeper, and get profound with this shit
That's why it hurt so much when the day I find out your not really my friend
You wrote words of anger that I deduced you to be telling the truth
People that lash out have nothing to lose
Or in your case you had nothing more to prove
I stuck by your side for so many years even when I felt you were wrong
I still didn't let the words from my mouth grace your ears
I had kept it inside for so long I was tired of being passive and letting you get away with the many things unsaid
So much hate and malice in your heart
Aimed at the innocent that never played a part
You used  to be filled with love and genuine and sincerity thoughts
Such a troubled soul, yet you can't part truth from the reality that you only know
Still in disbelief on how you verbally slaughtered me
I never saw it coming
Some things can be forgiven
But not when you can come at me that hard
Now it amazes me how you hold your head up
And go on like nothing happened
How we live in the same city
And now everything is ass backwards
Once close cousins, and best friends, somewhat like a brother
I thought would be till the end
No more piloting this creative cloud we once shared
The light has grown dim
The love and friendship has met it's demise
I won't ever forget what you said to me, not for a long time
One would hope that it can be restored
I don't count on it happening
You can't fake it and ignore
The tension that has been built
I have no ill feelings
I just simply won't forget