Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Self reflection


I never know why
Always having to face this thing called reality
It never sinks
I'm thinking the time ran out
Or maybe it was never in place
My only options
Success or failure
What will it be
My strengths will make me who I am
But my weaknesses have the ability to fail me
Always withholding
Never wanting to trust
For I've seen the bigger picture
It filled me with disgust
I struggle to believe in myself
A true struggle or a weakness
I constantly ask myself
Love songs and heart breaks
My body feels as though I've been stoned
I can never be certain if I'm telling myself the truth
Or things I wish I would hear
Broken homes and dreams
I come from both
I know all too well what they mean
Drowning in statistics
I fight for survival and not to become a percentage