Monday, May 5, 2014

The escape

"The escape"

Imprisoned in this hell
Escape forever on my mind
Even after time has passed my thoughts remain the same
Gotta get out of this prison this environment has grown strange
The last amount of innocence has forever been changed
The feelings of suffocation have increased 
Feeling surrounded by demons in black cloaks 
People trying to corrupt me further 
Only makes me run faster 
Running toward an absolution
Daily chest pains stemming from the stress
The undeniable feeling of helplessness
Looking out the windows of the cell 
Makes me feel acrimonious
But somehow I feel like I'm too late to explain 
This feels permanent, just a continuation of a past permanent hell
I look to the heavens
Confused and out of pocket
Not knowing where to start
If there is any logic in this
My mind feels like a rubix cube
I continue to check for an exit
And as I walk it all seems familiar 
But the exit sign has not appeared
Getting choked up, I ask out loud
"What is the reason?"
No reply is given 
I come to the conclusion that this will be forever my prison cell