Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's etched in my heart

We all have had a relationship that has truly tested us and made us realize that we are stronger than we even knew. Those relationships that you try your hardest to make it work, you put in time, effort, sacrifice and it's all because of LOVE. 

Sometimes all the work you put into it fixes what was broken, sometimes you realize your only the one working. The only one working and trying to improve what you still hold so dear. Do not feel alone because we all have been there. 


It's etched in my heart
The memories of us
The intimacy and feelings we shared
A love like ours is once in a lifetime 
The sad part it was filled with passion and regret
Passion is easily explained but sometimes involved pain
Regret because we built what we had on a friendship 
That soon turned into a roller coaster of a relationship 
We had fights and fights turned into make up sex that was raw and uninhibited
The bedroom was the glue that kept us together
Lack of communication when shit was wrong drove us apart
Many misunderstandings and sleepless nights
Turned into second guessing and pulling apart
There was many times I stuck it out because the love was so great and rare and at times I wanted to walk away and say I'm done with this shit, your not being fair
Not being fair with your giving aspect of the relationship
I always gave and all you did was take
My heart was bigger and so it ached 
It ached for you to feel the depth that I felt
It ached for you to realize what you had before it was too late
It ached for you to step up and be the man I knew you could be
It ached for you to be there in ways I was there for you
It's forever etched in my heart just how much I wanted you, how much I loved you at one point, and how to this day you still have a place in my heart
I have forgiven you for all the wrong, and accusations and the many misconceptions about me
I just wish that it hadn't taken years for you to see in me what i saw in you
You were insecure and didn't believe me when I told you the truth 
You always heard what you wanted to hear
You wanted to put limitations on my interactions with other men 
Not hearing me when I told you they were just a friend
It hurt to see that you clearly didn't trust me but could tell me you love me
Love without trust? 
I knew I should have left sooner than later
But what I felt was real, not lust
But truly happily ever after
Present day conversations brings me to these many realizations
You never knew what love was
When we were together
You only realized how special I was 
When you saw that the grass was not greener
I'm sure it was hard for you to admit 
That I was the best you've ever had
It's forever etched in my heart