Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet Javon- Fingertip Foreplay

Javon is a writer out of Texas, get to know him through his words told to me.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I started writing because my youth minister told me to. I really didn't want to at first. I kept writing because I feel, when done creatively, writing is the best way to get  people to understand and retain life lessons. That is how I feel about all art forms but writing is the only one that uses me.

Q. Who inspires you/ What inspires you?

A. My biggest influence as a speaker and motivator would be my youth minister at Faith Community Church in N.C.  As a realist, I'd have to say my mother is the biggest influence on my blatant honesty. As a fan of wordplay, I believe my cousin played the biggest role as we freestyled and wrote rhymes that didn't just rhyme, but made you think.

Q. Where can people follow you?

A.  IG/Twitter: JavonTheBardic
SnapChat: FloeticGenius

Q. Where have you performed?

A. I've performed in DC, NC, Tenn, & Texas. As of now, I'm most likely to be found at Heroes Lounge in Dallas, Texas every Friday.

Q. Do you belong to any organizations or do charity work?

A. Along with fellow poets and co-workers, I take part in "freelance" charity. This simply means that instead of going through an organization, we gather supplies ourselves ( blankets, water, cleaning products etc) and hand them out on an individual basis as we travel through downtown Dallas.

Q. Do you host any spoken word events at the moment?

A. I do not host at the moment, but you can find me at Heroes.

Q. What is your favorite poem?

A. Seduction by Nikki Giovanni

You can read all his work in the new book Fingertip Foreplay that is due out later this month...