Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet B, poet in Fingertip Foreplay

B currently resides in North Carolina, he is currently one of many hailing from that state in the Poetlife Project family. He has been a breathe of fresh air, and remarkable talent!! He is making his debut in the Fingertip Foreplay book due out this month.

Q. When did you began writing?

A. I've been a writer since I was a young boy. I can remember writing stories and getting penmanship awards in elementary school. For me, at a young age I became fascinated by what I could do with a pen. I extremely liked the way my writing looked and how pretty I could make the letters and in different ways. I even now still do a lot of my creative writing by hand. Of course I use some electronic device as a tool to express my thoughts. I never get too comfortable with it because my mind yearns to be expressed with a pen and paper. I've found my writing to be more organic, expressive, real, abandon, and cinematic in style but really when I write manually. I started writing because my mind has always been very creative and imaginative. I love to use words properly and words that broaden my vocabulary. I love to paint pictures with words and use grave detail to express something I see in my mind to my reader. My writing can be very complex at times because I write on my level and I'm very unique in the way that I promote my ideals and philosophy. This project came at a time when I was struggling with writers block and desperately wanted to express myself through writing. This genre of literature is new to me and I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to become an actor and do something different. I love to write because it allows me to push people's mentality.

Q. Who inspires you/ What inspires you?

A. I am truly inspired by writers like J. K. Rowling, Steven King, and poems by Edgar Allen Poe. I read their books and imagined being like them when I grew up; an author and awarded writer. I remember my teachers in the third or fourth grade telling my mother how advanced I was and that I had talent. They encouraged me to excel and complimented my writing. For the longest time I've known I could write well because I fell in love with editing and using correct grammar, English was my favorite subject in school. All of these experiences drive my writing.

Q. Do you have a blog, website etc?

A. is my official blog and website that I use to express myself. It's fairly new and I plan on growing it to great extent in the near future. I post my writing, thoughts, pictures, and more with my acumen of the creative aspects of the world around me. I can also be found on Facebook via my profile Bentley Barter.

Q. Any spoken word performances in the near future?
A. I have yet to perform at a live spoken word event. This is a new venture for me and I'm planning to jump out there soon.

Q. Are you affiliated with any charities or organizations in the community?

A. I am not affiliated with any charities at the moment. I am creating a relationship with a local non profit organization in my city, Durham. The organization  is SEEDS. It is an organization dedicated to teaching stewardship of the Earth, sustainability via organic farming and community living. These are all core values I promote within my own endeavors and wish to use my works to grow their efforts and beyond.

Q. What are you hoping to accomplish in the future?

A. I plan to create my own radio show platform within the next 90 days via an online media connection as well as curate my own night of poetry and spoken word.