Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet Chana- Poet in Fingertip Foreplay

I asked each person the same questions and I will be sharing their answers as told to me....

Q. Why did you begin writing?

A. I started writing because, it seemed the only outlet for all the weird I contain in my head. My verses, poetry, etc are usually about real things in life, but now and then I write about subjects I find interesting that have absolutely nothing to do with my personal life. I write to express myself, and maybe awaken something in other people.

Q. Who inspired you?

A. My inspiration comes a lot from Charles Bukowski, oddly enough. I know that isn't the most glamorous answer, but I like how raw he is. Joe Straynge is a contemporary, but I like his style. Jill Scott is someone I love too, because she writes about so many important things, but harnesses a very sensual energy. Then I guess every poem I've ever read has had a hand in this. I think listening to the pantheon of local spoken word poets in Grand Rapids helped wake up my inner voice as well.

Q. Do you have any favorite poems?

A. I don't have any favorite poems. I can't imagine limiting myself in that way.

 Chana currently isn't involved in any community activities or mentoring programs. She is one of many new writers added to the Poetlife Project roster. You will get to experience her writing when you purchase your copy of Fingertip Foreplay due out this month..