Thursday, April 2, 2015

NPM 1/30


This realization came to me
It rendered me speechless but it all started to make sense
I've been pulling away and creating distance for awhile now
because the in love connection was now gone
just riding on the waves of  a simple I love you
but no where near where love should be
you speak those three words to me incessantly but are you actually feeling them?
Do you know what it represents?
You say you love me but are you in love with me?
For I have found that I love you, but  you no longer claim my heart
No longer make me happy
I'm not sad or nostalgic when we're apart
My mind isn't always on you and what you may be doing
I'm just simply not in love the way I used to be
Where I missed you
Looked forward to seeing you
Enjoyed your touch
Now I enjoy spending time away from you
It doesn't bother me if we aren't together
Your not someone I want or need
I still love you but I know in my heart I could live without you
This realization comes so late
I wish it would have come sooner
This time wouldn't have been wasted
but then again, it taught me a lesson
I now know what I want
and what I won't put up with
It will help me appreciate the right one that much better because you were always wrong for me
You never completed me
It was all an illusion