Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meet Mistah Parker... Fingertip Foreplay

Mistah Parker is new to the Poetlife family, but no stranger to poetry. His words will have you craving more wordplay. Get to know him a little deeper until you can read his poetry later this month.

Q. When did you began writing?/Why did you begin to write?

A. I began to writing to cope with life, I suffered a loss early in life being surrounded by gangs and drugs in my community and home. At first I drew pictures but got in trouble for drawing in elementary school during class, so I wrote stories. Then I was introduced to hip hop, so I wrote rhymes but I liked what I wrote better without music. Later in life I deemed it poetry.

Q. Who inspires you/What inspires you?

A. Youth, Youthful energy and Resilience.  Critical thought and action provokes me, breaking barriers and accomplishing goals, and modeling for the "next gen" pushes me to hard and community-inner (my children) and outer (my social circle and others I affect)

Q. Any charities or organizations you are affiliated with?

A. Steering Committee for Youth Workers Alliance
    Founder/ facilitator- Write & Wine Nite founding member
   Boston Youth Got Talent Showcase facilitator
   Cleveland Community Center Youth Lounge Open Mic Organizer,
   Critical Breakdown

Q. What is your favorite poem or author?

A. " Do not go gentle into that good night" - Dylan Thomas

Q. Where can your followers find you?

A. -
    - instagram: @mistahpoet
    -   ( my older works)

Q. What spoken word events are you doing in the future?

A. Black Poetry Cafe's Poetry Fest 2015

"...Poetry Saved My Life..."