Thursday, April 2, 2015

NPM 2/30

I'm posting another because I didn't get the other poem in before midnight.. So I can be up to date on my challenge....

This hurt won't go away
It can not be ignored
You simply tore my heart into pieces
Nothing is the same anymore
Your apologies can't seem to make it right
My tears flow freely and continue each night
I thought I could avoid the pain
I thought it would go away
To a depth not known
I wanted us to be once more
but it hurts when I look at you
because I can still hear you say the words that were filled with so much hate
I can picture you moving my belongings
I can't get the image of my stuff sitting by the door
I can't shake the feelings of emptiness even when we're intimate
It leaves me feeling sad to think that it's come to this
my stomach is in knots
every night is a sleepless night
minute after minute I lay awake hurting
telling myself not to cry