Saturday, April 4, 2015

Domestic Violence NPM 3/30

We are scrutinized and looked down upon
We are yelled at and called bitches
By men who have sworn to love and protect us
Men that have raised their hands at us
Men that have crossed the line numerous times
The trust has been broken for every man that steps in line to be the next guy we call "our man"
I am the woman that he has abused, misused and killed my self esteem
I am the woman that jumps when a man screams at me or nothing in particular for fear of what his hands will do to my face
I am the woman who has been spit on, punched, degraded, and raped
I am the woman who has tried to run away only to be found and dragged back to my hell on earth
I am the woman who has fought back numerous times and each time I have lost
Each fight has ended with black eyes and hospital visits
I am the woman who has not given up for my freedom and free will that this monster has continuously tried to take away
I am the woman who has finally made it to safety because I didn't give up, I fought back 
And this time I can say I truly won!