Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nobody Knows...

Nobody knows the pain I have experienced 
Nobody knows the thoughts that torment me daily

You think you know me but you really don't 
You don't know the pain that I still experience to this day

I could tell you how many times I have lost hope
Wanted to give up

How many times I just said I quit
and really meant it

How many times I wanted things to be over with 
How I started to not value my life because I was encased in constant feelings of being hurt

There has been plenty of times where I felt like I could snap
and there would have been no turning back

No one knows that I still cry myself to sleep 
When my mind is too heavy with the thoughts that continue to plague me

No one knows that I still hurt after all these years have been in between the many tragic events 

Nobody knows me like they think they do
You were never aware I wore a mask for most of my life

Pretending and giving you all an illusion that I was happy
inside I was dying and sad, disappointed and broken

Wanting help, but help never came so these feelings kept building up
Suicidal thoughts but too weak to fall through 

Strong enough to start fighting back
No one knows me like they think they do....